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TexaSports 7on7 Teams
Posted Jan 15, 2018

#2023 Panthers

81G Bulldogs

Arlington Apaches

Arlington Seminoles

DFW Wildcats Elite

Dream Killers

Elite Savages

Fort Worth Crimson Tide

GP Canes

GPYFA Cowboys

GP Vikings

Hallmark Eagles

Hulen Boys

Lake Worth

NTX Elite Bills

Next Level Warriors

P.A.C. Prime Wolves

Triple D Buckeyes

Top Flight U

War Eagles


Upcoming 7on7 and Lineman Challenge
TexaSports 7on7

7on7 Information

All games are played at the same location every Sunday. All games are played at the University of Texas at Arlington Intramuals Fields. There are 6 games played at one time.

Team requirements are:

Mouth Pieces are Required

Each team must have at least 1 coach

Minimum players on the roster is 10

Maximum players on a roster is 16

Team must be uniformed with number on front and back of shirt

Ball Size current age:

(8U Wilson PeeWee Size)

(9U & 10U Wilson TDJ Size)

(11U thru 14U TDY Size)

2017 Sports Phd 7on7 Football Champions and Runners-up